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On May 26, 2021, Joe Yarama, FBC Moderator, and Cal Malena, FBC Treasurer, attended the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC) Virtual Assembly. During the Assembly notification was presented of 3 motions that will be voted upon next year at the 2022 Assembly. The motions propose an Identity Statement and establish membership requirements and regulations for all CBWC churches and pastors. The motions, as proposed, will impact the autonomy of the local churches and alter the nature of the relationship between member churches and the CBWC. Our delegates at next spring’s assembly must be prepared to vote on these motions.


The FBC Leadership Team has formed an ad hoc committee to address these issues. The Identity Steering Committee (ISC) group consists of Pastor Wayne Morgan and 4 current members of the LT: Joe Yarama (Moderator), Cal Malena (Treasurer), Cheryl Webster (Elder), Laura Lee Penson (Member-at-Large) and is chaired by Micki Lalonde, former Moderator.



Individual conversations have happened, and the Church has passed a motion to amend the statement(Feb 2022) which has been forwarded to CBWC.

Since then, CBWC has sent out information regarding other amendments and motions for the 2022 Assembly. . You can find the related documents at the links below.


The following document is the original letter from the CBWC:

CBWC Letter

The following document provides the further context for our FBC community discussion as we prepare our response:

FBC Identity Steering Committee Remarks

FEB 2022 Notice of Motion. This motion was carried at the congregational meeting Feb 20, 2022.

Notice Of Motion

The following document is the CBWC letter and amendments/motions submitted for the 2022 Assembly.

Amendments and Motions

Inquiries can be directed directly to the members of the committee.

Other Resources:

We are blessed to be part of the body of Christ worldwide. The following documents are simply provided as food for thought.

Courage to be Baptist - Baptist Union of Great Britain

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