Welcomes You!

First Baptist Church Prince George serves the local community in Northern British Columbia. 

Please feel free to come visit us for our worship services Sunday mornings at 10am

on the corner of 5th and Gillett Street

In person services have started, to attend you need to sign up here)

(Please watch for changes we are still figuring out the best way!)


For now we are asking that you only sign up once a month.   This will allow everyone an opportunity to attend in person services.  Spots for Sept 20th will be open for registration on Wednesday Sept 16th.  If there are still spaces on the Saturday before the service please feel free to fill them up even if that means you are coming more than once a month.

If you can't make it please click on the link again to remove your registration. (You will need to use the same computer as you signed up with)



You will see 4 choices for each service!  

  1. Adults Sanctuary - This is for everyone who wants to sit and watch in the sanctuary.  *For Next Week (Children With Parents Sign Up on other list) 

  2. Children & Parents - This is for the children's classes and their parents. The kids will be released to the South Basement during the service.  (Please sign up by Friday, Friday at noon we will release the empty spots to other people)

  3.  Overflow - This is for once the above service are full you can still come watch the service in the Coffee Garden on YouTube with other people. (Please note much like Downton Abbey the Coffee Garden people must remain separate from the Sanctuary people - unless outside! There will be partitions up in the foyer)  (No children's classes are available for the Overflow room as legally we can't mix the two groups)

  4. I really wanted to come but you were full! -  This is for us to know the numbers of how many more people really wanted to be at the service so we can do our best to accommodate that number of extra people for next time. 

Before you sign up for services please take a look at our back to service plan to make sure you understand all the rules.  FBC Back to Service Plan


We will continue to stream our Sunday morning services

Click the link at the top of this page Sunday morning

to watch the service on YouTube Live or subscribe to our YouTube Channel Here!



Here at First Baptist Church we try pretty hard to be welcoming and help people make meaningful connections to God as well as with each other.


"If I must err between law and love , I will always err on the side of love."

Rev. Dr. Lance Morgan


(250) 564-4522

483 Gillett St, Prince George, BC V2M 2T6, Canada

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